If you have a good neighbor, you are blessed and you do not have to get worried about a bad neighboring relation. Neighboring relations are changing day by day. Over the years, the concept of “knowing your neighbor” relation is fading out. The fading out of joint family system is one of the main reasons behind this bad neighboring relations. Nuclear family system became dominant in the society. Individualism and independence became the hallmark of popular life style. Here the author expresses his anxiety that we people are pulling back our self for some reasons to have a good neighboring. We are not in a mood to say at-least a Hello to our neighbor. We are ashamed of calling them for a cup of tea. We people are living in a hectic schedule each day. Our daily routine is very tight and we are not able to manage those with a good timing.

“Behind Picket Fences” is a painful tale about the difficulties of familial and neighborly relationships. Through this wonderful book, Hend Hegazi explains the story of four different families neighboring each other. When some one looking from outside, they are all fit and set with a great life. But, they are facing various types of difficulties and issues inside their home. Critics say that this book is an easy to read piece of literature to understand everyday reality of people’s life. Through this particular book, the author portrays that we all have some sorrow or difficulties. There is a sad part resides behind each smile. Sharing a good neighboring and spending some time together in a good way is a great idea to have a social living.

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