When economically classifying people, a wide gap is visible all around. There are people who are materially poor and materially rich in the large parts of the world. We have to bridge this gap by taking individual initiatives. Here the author, Shakila Ayub, takes a wonderful initiative named” Changing Hands” to provide excess household articles in good condition to the needy people who are economically needy and backward. Author says that a considerable change can be bring by this good initiative. A group of like minded people came forward to help her in this initiative and provide good condition goods/ products. This initiative is a model of sharing things for love and support each other. This initiative incorporates sharing of good clothes of use, utensils, electronic products, arts and crafts, unused table covers and much more. We are spending too much money for shopping and other luxury activities. At this time, we can consider the poor people’s needs and to provide some cash or kind for their needs. This idea can create wonderful changes in your heart. The very point here is that, we are taking nothing with us except some good deeds. So, while our short time in this earth, do some good things for the poor, so as to the humanity.

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