Health officials of the country had reported that Liberia is free from Ebola virus. But now a second case of Ebola has been confirmed in the country. A five year old boy is under treatment in Monrovia that his mother was died due to Ebola virus. Nyenswah, the country’s deputy health minister said that they are investigating in both Guinea and Liberia about the entry of this boy’s mother to the country. The authorities found that this lady had entered the country before she got sick. Authorities are now checking everyone the woman was in contact with and 10 health care workers from the hospital, where the woman was treated are under observation. Ebola virus can be spread by direct contact with the bodily fluids of victims. Liberia was declared free from Ebola virus in May. But new cases come out reporting health crisis due to Ebola is about to happen in the country. At the same time, World Health Organization said that Ebola is no longer an international health emergency.

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