Mecca: The Holiest City in the World in Islam Mecca is the holy city in the World. This title has been given to Mecca because, Prophet Muhammad was born here.The Kabba, the holy site in Islam, is located in Mecca. Islam perform the ritual prayer to Kaaba called the Qiblah here in Mecca. Each Muslim can collect the holiest water in the world, Zamzam from Mecca. Every year, Islam devotees make pilgrimage trips to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah.

The holy city, Mecca is located 45 miles east of the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The place has 909 feet of elevation and is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Here the temperature can reach upto 120 degree Fahrenhei. In fact, Allah has described Mecaa in many names in the holy Quran such as  Mecca, Bakkah, Al-Balad, Al-Qaryah, and Ummul-Qura. The largest and holiest mosque in the world named Masjid Al-Haram is situated in Mecca. This holy devotion place has a capacity of allowing up to 1.2 million people to pray at any one time.

Masjid An-Nabawi called as the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina where the reward for prayers is equivalent to 1,000 times prayer from any other mosque in the world.

What is Kaaba?

Kaaba is a large stone structure that lies in the center of Masjid Al-Haram. Kaaba is 60 feet high and constitutes a single room. Kaaba is covered with a black curtain called Kiswah. Kaaba has a door which is located at the south-east wall. It is noted that Kaaba was built by Prophet Abraham and Prophet Ismail. The holy Quran provides evidence that prophet Abraham and Prophet Ismail were the founders of Kaaba. Kaaba has been given several names such as Bayt Al-Ateeq(ancient house), Bayt Al-Haram( honorable house) and Baytullah( house of Allah- This is just a figure of sppech and does not mean).

The black stone, which is brought from the paradise is placed in Kaaba. Now this black stone is framed with silver as it had been broken into a number of pieces when it was rebuilt by the Quraysh. Islamic devotees try to kiss the black stone because the Prophet Muhammad used to do so.

Zamzam Spring

Zamzam spring holds a historical miracle and has got extreme religious relevance due to its origin. Zamzam has a wonderful historical significance that miraculously, had issued forth from a barren and desolate wadi, where the Prophet Ibrahim sent his wife Hajar and infant son Ismail. She searched for a drop of water desperately. She ran seven times across mountains and she could not find some water. Thus, by seeing this, Allah sent Gabriel to give Hajar some water. Gabriel scratched the ground to appear the spring. By finding the spring, she became happy and gave water to Ismail who was dying with thirst. Hajar has got in a great fear that, what will do if this spring disappears all on a sudden. Thus, she enclosed the spring with sand and stones. The name ZamZam got this name from Hajar that she chanted Zome Zome repeatedly while enclosing the spring with sand to prevent the water from flowing. Zamzam means “stop flowing”. Now Zamzam is protected in a well and every Muslim collect the water during their pilgrimage.

Apart from these, Hira cave which is been known for prophet Muhammad’s first revelation place, is located at Mount Al-Nur,a place nearby Mecca.

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