Giving to Eternity directed by Ayed Nabaa is a visual treat to the film lovers which explores the history of the Waqf tradition seen through the eyes of Tunisian historians, imams, legal academics – and the descendants of philanthropic donors who’ve struggled to repossess their property. Charity is a unique belief in Islam. Waqf is a form of charity which means permanently endowing property dating back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad. In Tunisia, waqf got a controversial history. In fact, waqf property cannot sell, donate, inherit or buy. The beneficiaries of waqf can be private individuals like donors, descendants or the public. But this very system of waqf is prone to abuse and mismanagement. In 1957, just a year after the independence of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba, the first president of Tunisia abolished waqf. The abolition of Waqf threw the ancient system of permanent endowment into disarray. The government established some commissions to investigate and properly manage and distribute the properties to the right individuals or authority. Critics say that the settlement process was totally futile and cases are still pending due to mismanagement and fraud play in settlement. The film Giving for Eternity portrays the very issues and settlement of waqf properties in Tunisia.

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