California has entered in a state of chronic drought this winter and is about to witness the amazing feat of 1982/83 winter. This El Nino season changed the country to rise up the record of 230 percentage of average winter. Last year’s average was only 5 percentage. First two weeks of March, California witnessed heavy down pouring which was a hope for the natives of the northern two thirds of California.  At the same time, during March last, northern California witnessed an extra ordinary wet winter and the state’s two largest reservoirs, Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville, are above their historical levels. Weather forecasts say that this April may bring heavy rain and snow in the state and its obvious that this   winter’s powerful El Nino has come up short for California as far as rainfall is concerned. The issue of drought is not going to solve with a single rainfall or some. A wonderful rainfall is needed to wipe out this disastrous drought in California.

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