Mr.Altaf Hussain delivered a wonderful speech at MSA National on body image-reality and standards. When you get ready in the morning, did you think about how Allah created you? Body image is nothing in Islam and it is completely contradictory in Islam. Beauty lies in our soul and behavior. Allah knows our inner wishes, our soul, each and every move of us. Be healthy and hold on your wonderful life with family. Allah expects this one motto from you. Black tears are never shed from our eyes. So body image is nothing about whitish, black or white. It’s all about inner beauty and reality of life. Go to people who trust you and whom can trust you. Never get in a company with people who do backbiting or marketing themselves. People should live with a conversation that can admit everybody. As a whole he says that women and men should believe Allah. Women and men should maintain their modesty and never disobey their creator.

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