A brave woman and a thinker sees Islam from a female leader's worldwide perspective. Sahar reveals in eloquent English the Islamic perspective of Reward and Punishment, Manners and Ethics, Human Rights and more.

Author Sahar El-Nadi's unique background growing up in Egypt and Saudi Arabia while attending western schools provides her with the ability to understand and discuss the principles of Islam to the West. Her take on such subjects as Reward and Punishment, Manners and Ethics, Human Rights, Gender, Trade and Business, informs the reader in a peaceful intelligent way.

The following review provides a great synopsis of her book:

"While taking the reader on a beautiful journey to discover the self and the world, Sahar El-Nadi tells her personal story of life, faith, and triumph. Fasten your seat belt and get ready to explore the streets of Cairo, the traditions of Japan, the media of America, and the dining table of the King of Sweden, as seen by a modern Muslim woman. In plain simple English, Sahar demystifies Islam and Muslims, and eloquently expresses their struggles and contributions, both historically and in today's world. You won't be able to put this book down until the last page. I've been waiting for a book like this for a long time."

Hesham El-Meligy, Interfaith leader & co-founder, Muslims For Liberty, NY

Sahar El-Nadi's background is as a writer and international public speaker from Cairo, Egypt. She wrote for several international print and online publications in Arabic and English and her articles were translated into European and Asian languages. She is also creator and director of an award-winning project called "Don't Hate, Educate" promoting tolerance, respect for diversity and creatively connecting people across divides of race, color and creed.

Sahar's book is elegantly expository in nature. It instructs the reader in a peaceful intelligent way. It addresses the things good Muslims truly value.


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Salam brother, I am still

Salam brother, I am still unable to figure out how to copy and paste an ayah and its translation. Would you please mind publishing a how-to-video or a screenshot-turorial of getting it done.

Vassalam ,Alim.org has a

Vassalam ,
Alim.org has a button on the homepage on the "Goto Quran" tab that copies the arabic and english translation of whatever Surah and ayah you have selected .After choosing the Surah and Ayah click on the copy button and paste it in your document.If any problem persist yet let me know your browser and operating system you are using. Read more at : View Page

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