Surah 66. At-Tahrim- Asad Translation

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Do not make something unlawful which Allah has made lawful and Wives of the Holy Prophet are admonished on their behavior with him
1 O PROPHET! Why dost thou, out of a desire to please [one or another of] thy wives, impose [on thyself] a prohibition of something that God has made lawful to thee?1 But God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace:
2 God has already enjoined upon you [O believers] the breaking and expiation of [such of] your oaths [as may run counter to what is right and just]:2 for, God is your Lord Supreme, and He alone is all-knowing, truly wise.
3 And lo!3 [It so happened that] the Prophet told something in confidence to one of his wives; and when she thereupon divulged it, and God made this known to him, he acquainted [others] with some of it and passed over some of it.4 And as soon as he let her know it, she asked, "Who has told thee this?"5 - [to which] he replied, "The All-Knowing, the All-Aware has told me."
4 [Say, O Prophet:6] "Would that you two turn unto God in repentance, for the hearts of both of you have swerved [from what is right]!7 And if you uphold each other against him [who is God's message-bearer, know that] God Himself is his Protector, and [that,] therefore,8 Gabriel, and all the righteous among the believers, and all the [other] angels will come to his aid."
5 [O wives of the Prophet!] Were he to divorce [any of] you, God might well give him in your stead spouses better than you - women who surrender themselves unto God, who truly believe, devoutly obey His will, turn [unto Him] in repentance [whenever they have sinned], worship [Him alone], and go on and on [seeking His goodly acceptance]9 - be they women previously married or virgins.10
6 O YOU who have attained to faith! Ward off from yourselves and those who are close to you11 that fire [of the hereafter] whose fuel is human beings and stones:12 [fording] over it are angelic powers awesome [and] severe,13 who do not disobey God in whatever He has commanded them, but [always] do what they are bidden to do.14
7 [Hence,] O you who are bent on denying the truth, make no [empty] excuses today:15 [in the life to come] you shall be but recompensed for what you were doing [in this world].
O believers! Turn to Allah in sincere repentance if you want to be forgiven and Example of the wives of Nuh and Lut who will go to hell and example of Fir'on's wife and Maryem who will go to paradise
8 O you who have attained to faith! Turn unto God in sincere repentance:16 it may well be that your Sustainer will efface from you your bad deeds, and will admit you into gardens through which running waters flow, on a Day on which God will not shame the Prophet and those who share his faith:17 their light will spread rapidly before them, and on their right;18 [and] they will pray: "O our Sustainer! Cause this our light to shine for us forever,19 and forgive us our sins: for, verily, Thou hast the power to will anything!"
9 O PROPHET! Strive hard against the deniers of the truth and the hypocrites, and be adamant with them.20 And [if they do not repent,] their goal shall be hell - and how vile a journey's end!
10 For those who are bent on denying the truth God has propounded a parable in [the stories of] Noah's wife and Lot's wife: they were wedded to two of Our righteous servants, and each one betrayed her husband;21 and neither of the two [husbands] will be of any avail to these two women when they are told [on Judgment Day], "Enter the fire with all those [other sinners] who enter it!"22
11 And for those who have attained to faith God has propounded a parable in [the story of] Pharaoh's wife23 as she prayed, "O my Sustainer! Build Thou for me a mansion in the paradise [that is] with Thee, and save me from Pharaoh and his doings, and save me from all evildoing folk!"
12 And [We have propounded yet another parable of God-consciousness in the story of] Mary, the daughter of 'Imran,24 who guarded her chastity, whereupon We breathed of Our spirit into that [which was in her womb],25 and who accepted the truth of her Sustainer's words - and [thus,] of His revelations26 - and was one of the truly devout.

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