Surah 41. Ha-Mim

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Ayah Theme
1 - 8 AL-Quran is a giver of good news and and admonition and Woe to those who deny the Hereafter and do not pay Zakah
9 - 12 Story of the creation of earth, mountains, seasons, skies and heavens
13 - 18 Warning to the disbelievers and the example of Allah's scourge upon the nations of A'd and Thamud
19 - 25 On the Day of Judgement people's own ears, eyes and skins will bear witness against them relating to their misdeeds
26 - 32 Those who do not listen to Al-Quran shall be sternly punished and those who do not listen to those who say our God is Allah and then stay firm on it, angels are assigned for their protection
33 - 44 The best in speech is the one who calls people towards Allah, do good deeds and say, "I am a Muslim" And Example of Allah's signs and Nothing is said to Muhammad which was not said to the prior Prophets and AL-Quran is a guide and healing for the believers
45 - 46 The Book given to Prophet Musa was similar to AL-Quran
47 - 51 On the Day of Judgement all other gods to whom people worship besides Allah shall vanish
52 - 54 Have you ever considered that if Al-Quran is really from Allah and you deny it, what will happen to you

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