Al-Quran Surah 81. At-Takwir, Ayah 23

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وَلَقَدْ رَآهُ بِالْأُفُقِ الْمُبِينِ

Asad : he truly beheld [the angel - beheld] him on the clear horizon;8
Malik : he (Muhammad) indeed saw him (Gabriel) in the clear horizon
Mustafa Khattab :

And he did see that ˹angel˺ on the clear horizon,1

Pickthall : Surely he beheld him on the clear horizon.
Yusuf Ali : And without doubt he saw him in the clear horizon. 5991
Transliteration : Walaqad raahu bialofuqi almubeeni
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Asad 8 This is evidently a reference to the Prophet's vision of the Angel Gabriel which ended the break in revelation (fatrat al-wahy) mentioned in the introductory note to surah {74}. See also 53:5 ff. and the corresponding notes.

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Yusuf Ali 5991 Read along with this the whole passage in liii. 1-18 and notes there; specially n. 5092, where the two occasions are mentioned when there was a vision of inspiration: "For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest" (liii. 18).
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 This is first time the Prophet (ﷺ) saw Gabriel in his angelic form. He saw him a second time in heaven during the Night Journey. See 53:5-15.