Al-Quran Surah 79. An-Nazi'at, Ayah 28

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رَفَعَ سَمْكَهَا فَسَوَّاهَا

Asad : High has He reared its vault and formed it in accordance with what it was meant to be;13
Malik : He raised its canopy and fashioned it to perfection,
Mustafa Khattab :

raising it high and forming it flawlessly.

Pickthall : He raised the height thereof and ordered it;
Yusuf Ali : On high hath He raised its canopy and He hath given it order and perfection. 5935
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Asad 13 See 87:2, which is the earliest instance, in the chronology of Qur'anic revelation, of the use of the verb sawwa in the above sense.

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Yusuf Ali 5935 Cf. ii. 29. The mystery of the heavens with their countless stars and the planets obeying the laws of motion, and the sun and moon influencing the temperature and climates of the earth from thousands or millions of miles, illustrate the order and perfection which Allah has given to His Creation. Can man then remain exempt from his responsibility for his deeds, endowed as he is with a will, or deny the Day of Sorting Out, which is the Day of Judgment?

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