Al-Quran Surah 74. Al-Muddaththir, Ayah 26

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سَأُصْلِيهِ سَقَرَ

Asad : [Hence,] I shall cause him to endure hell-fire [in the life to come]!13
Malik : Soon I shall cast him into Saqar.
Mustafa Khattab :

Soon I will burn him in Hell!

Pickthall : Him shall I fling unto the burning.
Yusuf Ali : Soon will cast him into Hell-Fire! 5791
Transliteration : Saosleehi saqara
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Asad 13 This is unquestionably the earliest instance of the term saqar ("hell-fire"), one of the seven metaphorical names given in the Qur'an to the concept of the suffering in the hereafter which man brings upon himself by sinning and deliberately remaining blind and deaf, in this world, to spiritual truths (cf. surah {15}, note [33]). The allegorical character of this and all other Qur'anic descriptions of man's condition and destiny in the hereafter is clearly alluded to in the subsequent verse as well as in verse {28} ff.

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Yusuf Ali 5791 The Sinner's perversity can only end in the Fire of Punishment. It enters his very being. See next note.

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