Al-Quran Surah 7. Al-A'raf, Ayah 38

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قَالَ ادْخُلُوا فِي أُمَمٍ قَدْ خَلَتْ مِنْ قَبْلِكُمْ مِنَ الْجِنِّ وَالْإِنْسِ فِي النَّارِ ۖ كُلَّمَا دَخَلَتْ أُمَّةٌ لَعَنَتْ أُخْتَهَا ۖ حَتَّىٰ إِذَا ادَّارَكُوا فِيهَا جَمِيعًا قَالَتْ أُخْرَاهُمْ لِأُولَاهُمْ رَبَّنَا هَٰؤُلَاءِ أَضَلُّونَا فَآتِهِمْ عَذَابًا ضِعْفًا مِنَ النَّارِ ۖ قَالَ لِكُلٍّ ضِعْفٌ وَلَٰكِنْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَ

Asad : [And God] will say: "Join those hosts of invisible beings and humans who have gone before you into the fire!" [And] every time a host enters [the fire], it will curse its fellow-host - so much so that, when they all shall have passed into it, one after another, the last of them will speak [thus] of the first of them:28 "O our, Sustainer! It is they who have led us astray: give, them, therefore, double suffering through fire!" He will reply: "Every one of you deserves double, suffering29 - but you know it not."
Malik : Allah will say: "Enter the fire and join the nations of Jinns and men who have gone before you." As each nation will enter hell, it will curse its preceding sister till all are gathered there, the last of them will say about the first one: "Our Rabb! These have led us astray; therefore, give them double punishment of the fire." He will answer: "There will be double for all, although you may not know because of being predecessor or successor in sin and aggression."
Mustafa Khattab :

Allah will say, “Enter the Fire along with the ˹evil˺ groups of jinn and humans that preceded you.” Whenever a group enters Hell, it will curse the preceding one until they are all gathered inside, the followers will say about their leaders, “Our Lord! They have misled us, so multiply their torment in the Fire.” He will answer, “It has already been multiplied for all, but you do not know.”

Pickthall : He saith: Enter into the Fire among nations of the jinn and humankind who passed away before you. Every time a nation entereth, it curseth its sister (nation) till, when they have all been made to follow one another thither, the last of them saith unto the first of them: Our Lord! These led us astray, so give them double torment of the Fire. He saith: For each one there is double (torment), but ye know not.
Yusuf Ali : He will say: "enter ye in the company of the peoples who passed away before you men and Jinns into the fire. Every time a new people enters it curses its sister-people (that went before) until they follow each other all into the fire. Saith the last about the first: "Our Lord! it is these that misled us: so give them a double penalty in the fire." He will say: "doubled for all": but this Ye do not understand. 1019
Transliteration : Qala odkhuloo fee omamin qad khalat min qablikum mina aljinni waalinsi fee alnnari kullama dakhalat ommatun laAAanat okhtaha hatta itha iddarakoo feeha jameeAAan qalat okhrahum lioolahum rabbana haolai adalloona faatihim AAathaban diAAfan mina alnnari qala likullin diAAfun walakin la taAAlamoona
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Asad 28 The terms "first" and "last" refer here either to a sequence in time ("those who came earlier" and "those who came later") or in status ("leaders" and "followers"); and in both cases they relate, as the next sentence indicates, to the evil influence which the former exerted on the latter during their lifetime - either directly, as leaders of thought and persons of distinction, or indirectly, as forerunners in time, whose example was followed by later generations.
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Asad 29 Lit., "to everyone a double [suffering]": i.e., for having gone astray and for having, by his example, led others astray. Cf. 16:25 - "on Resurrection Day they shall bear the full weight of their own burdens. as well as some of the burdens of those ignorant ones whom they have led astray".

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 1019 The earlier generations committed a double crime: (1) their own sins, (2) the bad example they set for those that followed. We are responsible not only for our own misdeeds, but for those which our example and our teaching to our juniors may induce them to commit. But it does not lie in the mouth of the juniors to ask for a double punishment for seniors: the motive is not justice, but pure spite, which is itself a sin. Further, the later generations have to answer for two things: (1) their own sins, and (2) their failure to learn from the past, from the experiences of those who preceded them. -They should have an advantage in this respect, being "in the foremost files of Time," but they did not learn. Thus there was nothing to choose between the earlier and later generations in the matter of guilt. But how few people understand this! In vi. 160, we were told that good was rewarded tenfold, but evil was punished according to its guilt, in perfect justice. This verse is in no way inconsistent with it. Two crimes must have a double penalty.

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