Al-Quran Surah 7. Al-A'raf, Ayah 119

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فَغُلِبُوا هُنَالِكَ وَانْقَلَبُوا صَاغِرِينَ

Asad : And thus were they vanquished there and then, and became utterly humiliated.
Malik : Fir'on and his people were defeated and put to humiliation,
Mustafa Khattab :

So Pharaoh and his people were defeated right there and put to shame.

Pickthall : Thus were they there defeated and brought low.
Yusuf Ali : So the (great ones) were vanquished there and then and were made to look small. 1081
Transliteration : Faghuliboo hunalika wainqalaboo saghireena
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 1081 The proud ones of the Court-Pharaoh and his chiefs-were hard-hearted, and the exposure of the imposture only made them wreak their rage on those whom they could reach. On the other hand the effect on the humbler ones-those who had been made the dupes and instruments of the imposture-was quite different. Their conscience was awakened. They fell down to the ground in adoration of the Lord of the Worlds, and confessed their faith.

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