Al-Quran Surah 54. Al-Qamar, Ayah 26

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سَيَعْلَمُونَ غَدًا مَنِ الْكَذَّابُ الْأَشِرُ

Asad : [And God said:] "On the morrow14 they will come to know who the boastful liar is!
Malik : To Our Rasool Saleh, We said: "Tomorrow they shall find out who is an insolent liar.
Mustafa Khattab :

˹It was revealed to Ṣâliḥ,˺ “They will soon know who the boastful liar is.

Pickthall : (Unto their warner it was said): Tomorrow they will know who is the rash liar.
Yusuf Ali : Ah! they will know on the morrow which is the liar the insolent one!
Transliteration : SayaAAlamoona ghadan mani alkaththabu alashiru
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Asad 14 I.e., soon. In classical Arabic, the term ghadan ("tomorrow") often applies to a relatively near future, signifying "tomorrow" (in its literal sense) as well as "in time" or "soon". Hence - as pointed out by all authorities - it may have been used in the above context with reference to the Last Hour, which in the first verse of this very surah is spoken of as having "drawn near".

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