Al-Quran Surah 50. Qaf, Ayah 41

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وَاسْتَمِعْ يَوْمَ يُنَادِ الْمُنَادِ مِنْ مَكَانٍ قَرِيبٍ

Asad : And [always] listen for the day when He who issues the call [of death] shall call [thee] from close by;33
Malik : And listen! The Day when the Caller will call out from a place quite near,
Mustafa Khattab :

And listen! On the Day the caller will call out from a near place,

Pickthall : And listen on the day when the crier crieth from a near place,
Yusuf Ali : And listen for the Day when the Caller will call out from a place quite near 4980 4981
Transliteration : WaistamiAA yawma yunadi almunadi min makanin qareebin
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Asad 33 Lit., "from a place nearby" - i.e., from within man himself: an echo of verse {15}, "We are closer to him than his neck-vein". The "call" spoken of here is evidently the call of death, for which man should always be prepared.

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Yusuf Ali 4980 The Day of Resurrection, when the Call to the souls to arise and come to the Judgment-Seat will be immediately answered, and they will all arise and come forth. Cf. xxxvi. 49-53, and notes 3997 and 3999.
Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 4981 In the life of this world it seemed all so remote. In the new life at the Resurrection it will all be so near; for there will be neither time nor space as we know them here.

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