Al-Quran Surah 47. Muhammad, Ayah 35

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فَلَا تَهِنُوا وَتَدْعُوا إِلَى السَّلْمِ وَأَنْتُمُ الْأَعْلَوْنَ وَاللَّهُ مَعَكُمْ وَلَنْ يَتِرَكُمْ أَعْمَالَكُمْ

Asad : AND SO, [when you fight in a just cause,] do not lose heart and [never] beg for peace: for, seeing that God is with you, you are bound to rise high [in the end];40 and never will He let your [good] deeds go to waste.
Malik : Therefore, do not be fainthearted crying for peace, for you will surely gain the upper hand. Allah is on your side and will never let your deeds be wasted.
Mustafa Khattab :

So do not falter or cry for peace, for you will have the upper hand and Allah is with you. And He will never let your deeds go to waste.

Pickthall : So do not falter and cry out for peace when ye (will be) the uppermost, and Allah is with you, and He will not grudge (the reward of) your actions.
Yusuf Ali : Be not weary and faint-hearted crying for peace. When ye should be Uppermost: for Allah is with you and will never put you in loss for your (good) deeds. 4859
Transliteration : Fala tahinoo watadAAoo ila alssalmi waantumu alaAAlawna waAllahu maAAakum walan yatirakum aAAmalakum
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Asad 40 I.e., even if the fortunes of war go against them, the consciousness of having fought in the cause of truth and justice is bound to enhance the inner strength of the believers and, thus, to become a source of their future greatness: cf. 3:139.

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Yusuf Ali 4859 To those who are trying to root out evil, and have authority to do so, the question is not of peace or conflict, but of whether Good or Evil is to prevail. They must remember that Good must ultimately prevail, and Allah's help is with those who, as far as men can, are trying to further the universal Plan. Cf. n. 4847 to verse 22 above.

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