Al-Quran Surah 43. Az-Zukhruf, Ayah 67

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الْأَخِلَّاءُ يَوْمَئِذٍ بَعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْضٍ عَدُوٌّ إِلَّا الْمُتَّقِينَ

Asad : On that Day, [erstwhile] friends will be foes unto one another52 - [all] save the God-conscious.
Malik : On that Day, even friends will become enemies to one another with the exception of the righteous people.
Mustafa Khattab :

Close friends will be enemies to one another on that Day, except the righteous,

Pickthall : Friends on that day will be foes one to another, save those who kept their duty (to Allah).
Yusuf Ali : Friends on that Day will be foes one to another except the Righteous. 4666
Transliteration : Alakhillao yawmaithin baAAduhum libaAAdin AAaduwwun illa almuttaqeena
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Asad 52 I.e., they will hate one another - those who realize that they have been led astray by their erstwhile friends, and the latter, because they see that they will be held responsible for the sins of those whom they have led astray.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 4666 The hatred and spite, which are associated with evil, will be felt with peculiar intensity in that period of agony. That itself would be a punishment, from which the righteous will be free. The righteous will have passed all perils of falling into wrong frames of mind.

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