Al-Quran Surah 43. Az-Zukhruf, Ayah 39

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وَلَنْ يَنْفَعَكُمُ الْيَوْمَ إِذْ ظَلَمْتُمْ أَنَّكُمْ فِي الْعَذَابِ مُشْتَرِكُونَ

Asad : On that Day it will not profit you in the least [to know] that, since you have sinned [together], you are now to share your suffering [as well].34
Malik : Then it will be said to them: "Well, you have already done wrong, realizing this fact today will avail you nothing, as you both are partners in the same punishment.
Mustafa Khattab :

˹It will be said to both,˺ “Since you all did wrong, sharing in the punishment will be of no benefit to you this Day.”1 

Pickthall : And it profiteth you not this day, because ye did wrong, that ye will be sharers in the doom.
Yusuf Ali : When ye have done wrong it will avail you nothing that day that ye shall be partners in punishment! 4642
Transliteration : Walan yanfaAAakumu alyawma ith thalamtum annakum fee alAAathabi mushtarikoona
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Asad 34 I.e., "you will not be consoled, as would have been the case in earthly suffering, by the knowledge that you are not to suffer alone" (Zamakhshari, Razi, Baydawi). Since this address is formulated in the plural and not in the dual, it evidently relates to all sinners who, in their lifetime, were impelled by their own evil impulses - their "other selves", as it were - to "remain blind to the remembrance of God". In its wider meaning, the above verse implies that all evil deeds, whenever and wherever committed, are but links of one chain, one evil ineluctably leading to another: cf. 14:49 - "on that Day thou wilt see those who were lost in sin linked together (muqarranin) in fetters" - a phrase which has been explained in my corresponding note [64]. It is noteworthy that the participle mugarran is derived from the same verbal root (qarana) as the term qarin (rendered by me in verses {36} and {38} of this surah and in 41:25 as "other self"): and this, I believe, is a further indication, alluded to in the present verse, to the "togetherness" of all evil deeds.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 4642 All partners in evil will certainly share in the punishment, but that is no consolation to any individual soul. Evil desires the evil of others, but that does not diminish its own torment, or get rid of the personal responsibility of each individual soul.
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 From a worldly perspective, many people are comforted when they hear of others who went through similar trials as them. But this will not be the case on Judgment Day. Everyone will be desperate to save themselves from the punishment, regardless of others.