Al-Quran Surah 41. Ha-Mim, Ayah 13

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فَإِنْ أَعْرَضُوا فَقُلْ أَنْذَرْتُكُمْ صَاعِقَةً مِثْلَ صَاعِقَةِ عَادٍ وَثَمُودَ

Asad : BUT IF they turn away,16 say: "I warn you of [the coming of] a thunderbolt of punishment17 like the thunderbolt [that fell upon the tribes] of 'Ad and Thamud!"18
Malik : Now if they turn away, say to them: "I have given you warning of a thunderbolt, like the thunderbolt which struck Ad and Thamud."
Mustafa Khattab :

If they turn away, then say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “I warn you of a ˹mighty˺ blast, like the one that befell ’Ȃd and Thamûd.”

Pickthall : But if they turn away, then say: I warn you of a thunderbolt like the thunderbolt (which fell of old upon the tribes) of Aad and Thamud;
Yusuf Ali : But if they turn away say thou: "I have warned you of a stunning Punishment (as of thunder and lightning) like that which (overtook) the `Ad and the Thamud!" 4479
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Asad 16 This connects with the opening sentence of verse {9} above: "Would you indeed deny Him who has created...", etc.
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Asad 17 See note [40] on 2:55.
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Asad 18 For the story of these two ancient tribes, see {7:65-79} and the corresponding notes, in particular [48] and [56]; also {26:123-158}.

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Yusuf Ali 4479 See verse 17 below.

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