Al-Quran Surah 40. Al-Mu'min, Ayah 77

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فَاصْبِرْ إِنَّ وَعْدَ اللَّهِ حَقٌّ ۚ فَإِمَّا نُرِيَنَّكَ بَعْضَ الَّذِي نَعِدُهُمْ أَوْ نَتَوَفَّيَنَّكَ فَإِلَيْنَا يُرْجَعُونَ

Asad : HENCE, remain thou patient in adversity - for, verily, God's promise always comes true. And whether We show thee [in this world] something of what We hold in store for those [deniers of the truth], or whether We cause thee to die [ere that retribution takes place - know that, in the end], it is unto Us that they will be brought back.56
Malik : So be patient, O Prophet, Allah's promise is true. Whether We let you witness the evil consequences with which they are being threatened, or We recall you before We smite them, in any case, they shall all return to Us.
Mustafa Khattab :

So be patient ˹O Prophet˺. Surely Allah’s promise is true. Whether We show you some of what We threaten them with, or cause you to die ˹before that˺, to Us they will ˹all˺ be returned.

Pickthall : Then have patience (O Muhammad). Lo! the promise of Allah is true. And whether we let thee see a part of that which We promise them, or (whether) We cause thee to die, still unto us they will be brought back.
Yusuf Ali : So persevere in patience! For the Promise of Allah is true: and whether We show thee (in this life) some part of what We promise them or We take thy soul (to Our Mercy) (Before that) (in any case) it is to Us that they shall (all) return. 4453
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Asad 56 See the almost identical passage in 10:46, as well as the corresponding notes [66] and [67].

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Yusuf Ali 4453 Cf. x. 46, and n. 1438. As the eventual justice and readjustment of values must take place, when every soul retums to the Judgment-Seat of Allah, it makes no difference if good and evil meet their deserts in this very life or not. Cf. also xiii. 40.

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