Al-Quran Surah 38. Sad, Ayah 48

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وَاذْكُرْ إِسْمَاعِيلَ وَالْيَسَعَ وَذَا الْكِفْلِ ۖ وَكُلٌّ مِنَ الْأَخْيَارِ

Asad : And call to mind Ishmael and Elisha,43 and every one who [like them] has pledged himself [unto Us]:44 for, each of them was of the truly good!
Malik : Also mention Isma'il, Al-Yas'a (Elisha) and Zul-Kifl; all of them were among the best.
Mustafa Khattab :

Also remember Ishmael, Elisha, and Ⱬul-Kifl.1 All are among the best.

Pickthall : And make mention of Ishmael and Elisha and Dhul Kifl. All are of the chosen.
Yusuf Ali : And commemorate Ismail Elisha and Zul-Kifl: each of them was of the company of the Good. 4205
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Asad 43 Al-Yasa' in Arabic - the Biblical prophet who succeeded Elijah (see surah {37}, note [48]).
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Asad 44 For an explanation of this rendering of dhu 'l-kifl, see surah {21}, note [81].

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Yusuf Ali 4205 Isma'il, the Patriarch of the Arab race, was also mentioned (xxxvii. 101-107) as a pattern of self-sacrifice; now he is mentioned in the company of the Good, i.e., of those who were a blessing to their people. Here he is bracketed with Elisha (for whom see n. 906 to vi. 86), and Zul-Kifl (for whom see n. 2743 to xxi. 85). All these three were examples of constancy and patience under suffering.
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 Scholars are in disagreement as to whether Ⱬul-Kifl was a prophet or just a righteous man. Those who maintain that he was a prophet identify him with various Biblical prophets such as Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Obadiah.