Al-Quran Surah 37. As-Saffat, Ayah 176

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أَفَبِعَذَابِنَا يَسْتَعْجِلُونَ

Asad : Do they, then, [really] wish that Our chas-tisement be hastened on?75
Malik : Do they wish to hurry on Our punishment?
Mustafa Khattab :

Do they ˹really˺ wish to hasten Our punishment?

Pickthall : Would they hasten on Our doom?
Yusuf Ali : Do they wish (indeed) to hurry on Our Punishment? 4142
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Asad 75 This is an allusion to the sarcastic demand of the people who refused to regard the Qur'an as a divine revelation, to be punished forthwith "if this be indeed the truth from God" (see 8:32 and the corresponding note).

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Yusuf Ali 4142 The last verse enjoined Patience under the attacks of Evil, in the knowledge that evil must be conquered at last. Evil may perhaps turn back scoffingly and say, 'If a punishment is to come, why not bring it on now?' Why indeed? The answer is: when it comes, it will come like a rush by night when the enemy is overpowered, when he least expects it: when the day dawns, it is a sorry plight in which the enemy finds himself. Cf. xxii. 47, and n. 2826; and xxvi. 204, n. 3230.

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