Al-Quran Surah 37. As-Saffat, Ayah 164

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وَمَا مِنَّا إِلَّا لَهُ مَقَامٌ مَعْلُومٌ

Asad : [All forces of nature praise God and say:71 ] "Among us, too, there is none but has a place assigned to it [by Him];
Malik : The angels in fact say: "We each have our appointed place.
Mustafa Khattab :

˹The angels respond,˺ “There is not one of us without an assigned station ˹of worship˺.

Pickthall : There is not one of Us but hath his known position.
Yusuf Ali : (Those ranged in ranks say): "Not one of us but has a place appointed 4135
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Asad 71 The metaphorical "saying" that follows is in tune with many other Qur'anic passages which speak of even inanimate objects as "praising God", e.g., "The seven heavens extol His limitless glory, and the earth, and all that they contain" (17:44), or "We caused the mountains to join David in extolling Our glory" (21:79), or "O you mountains! Sing with him the praise of God!" (34:10); similarly, even the shadows of material things are spoken of as "prostrating themselves before God" (16:48).

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Yusuf Ali 4135 To round off the argument of the Sura we go back to the idea with which it began. Those who range themselves in ranks for the united service of Allah (see above, xxxvii. I and n. 4031)-whether angels or men of God-are content to keep their ranks and do whatever service is assigned to them. It is not for them to question Allah's Plan, because they know that it is good and that it will ultimately triumph. Any seeming delays or defeats do not worry them. Nor do they ever break their ranks.

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