Al-Quran Surah 22. Al-Hajj, Ayah 47

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وَيَسْتَعْجِلُونَكَ بِالْعَذَابِ وَلَنْ يُخْلِفَ اللَّهُ وَعْدَهُ ۚ وَإِنَّ يَوْمًا عِنْدَ رَبِّكَ كَأَلْفِ سَنَةٍ مِمَّا تَعُدُّونَ

Asad : And [so, O Muhammad,] they challenge thee to hasten the coming upon them of [God's] chastisement:62 but God never fails to fulfil His promise - and, behold, in thy Sustainer's sight a day is like a thousand years of your reckoning.63
Malik : These people ask you to hasten the threatened punishment. Well, Allah will never go back on His promise. In fact a day of your Rabb (time period in which Allah's decision is executed) is equal to a thousand years of your calculation.
Mustafa Khattab :

They challenge you ˹O Prophet˺ to hasten the torment. And Allah will never fail in His promise. But a day with your Lord is indeed like a thousand years by your counting.

Pickthall : And they will bid thee hasten on the Doom, and Allah faileth not His promise, but lo! a Day with Allah is as a thousand years of what ye reckon.
Yusuf Ali : Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His promise. Verily a day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning. 2826
Transliteration : WayastaAAjiloonaka bialAAathabi walan yukhlifa Allahu waAAdahu wainna yawman AAinda rabbika kaalfi sanatin mimma taAAuddoona
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Asad 62 For an explanation, see 6:57, 8:32 and 13:6, as well as the corresponding notes.
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Asad 63 I.e., what men conceive of as "time" has no meaning with regard to God, because He is timeless, without beginning and without end, so that "in relation to Him, one day and a thousand years are alike" (Razi). Cf. 70:4, where in the same sense, a "day" is said to be equal to "fifty thousand years", or the well-authenticated saying of the Prophet' "God says, 'I am Time Absolute (ad-dahr)'."

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2826 If Allah gives respite, those to whom it is given have a real chance of repentance and amendment. He will not curtail His promise of respite. But on the other hand He has promised to call everyone to account for his deeds, and this involves justice and punishment for sin. This promise will also come true. It is foolish to try to hasten it. Time with Him is nothing. We keep count of time for our relative calculations. His existence is absolute, and not conditioned by Time or Place. What we call a thousand years may be nothing more than a day or a minute to Him.

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