Al-Quran Surah 21. Al-Anbiyaa, Ayah 19

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وَلَهُ مَنْ فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ ۚ وَمَنْ عِنْدَهُ لَا يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ عَنْ عِبَادَتِهِ وَلَا يَسْتَحْسِرُونَ

Asad : for, unto Him belong all [beings] that are in the heavens and on earth, and those that are with Him23 are never too proud to worship Him and never grow weary [thereof]:
Malik : To Him belongs all that exist in the heavens and in the earth; and the angels, who are in His very presence, are not too proud to serve Him, nor do they feel wearied of His service.
Mustafa Khattab :

To Him belong all those in the heavens and the earth. And those nearest to Him are not too proud to worship Him, nor do they tire.

Pickthall : Unto Him belongeth whosoever is in the heavens and the earth. And those who dwell in His presence are not too proud to worship Him nor do they weary;
Yusuf Ali : To Him belong all (creatures) in the heavens and on earth: even those who are in His (very) Presence are not too proud to serve Him nor are they (ever) weary (of His service): 2679
Transliteration : Walahu man fee alssamawati waalardi waman AAindahu la yastakbiroona AAan AAibadatihi wala yastahsiroona
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Asad 23 According to the classical commentators, this refers to the angels; but it is possible to understand the expression "those who are with Him" in a wider sense, comprising not only the angels but also all human beings who are truly God-conscious and wholly dedicated to Him. In either case, their "being with Him" is a metaphorical indication of their spiritual eminence and place of honour in God's sight, and does not bear any spatial connotation of "nearness" (Zamakhshari and Razl): obviously so, because God is limitless in space as well as in time. (See also 40:7 and the corresponding note [4].)

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2679 The pure angelic hosts, whom we imagine to be glorious creatures of light, high in Heavens, near the Throne of Allah Himself, are yet His creatures, and serve Him without ceasing, and are proud to do so. Such is the majesty of Allah Most High.

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