Al-Quran Surah 20. Ta-ha, Ayah 83

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۞ وَمَا أَعْجَلَكَ عَنْ قَوْمِكَ يَا مُوسَىٰ

Asad : [AND GOD SAID:67 ] "Now what has caused thee, O Moses, to leave thy people behind in so great a haste?"68
Malik : When Musa came to the mount Tur Allah said: "But, why have you come with such a haste ahead of your people, O Musa?"
Mustafa Khattab :

˹Allah asked,˺ “Why have you come with such haste ahead of your people, O  Moses?”1

Pickthall : And (it was said): What hath made thee hasten from thy folk, O Moses?
Yusuf Ali : (When Moses was up on the mount Allah said:) "What made thee hasten in advance of thy people O Moses?" 2604
Transliteration : Wama aAAjalaka AAan qawmika ya moosa
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Asad 67 This passage relates to the time of Moses' ascent of Mount Sinai, mentioned in 2:51 and 7:142.
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Asad 68 Lit., "what has hastened thee ahead of thy people?" - implying that he should not have left them alone, without his personal guidance, at so early a stage in their freedom. In this inimitable elliptic manner the Qur'an alludes to the psychological fact that a community which attains to political and social freedom after centuries of bondage remains for a long time subject to the demoralizing influences of its past, and cannot all at once develop a spiritual and social discipline of its own.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2604 This was when Moses was up on the Mount for forty days and forty nights: ii. 51, and n. 66. Moses had left the elders of Israel with Aaron behind him: Exod. xxiv. 14. While he was in a state of ecstatic honour on the Mount, his people were enacting strange scenes down below. They were tested and tried, and they failed in the trial. They made a golden calf for worship, as described below. See also vii. 148-150 and notes.
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 Moses selected a delegation of seventy people from his community to go to Mount Ṭûr where it was appointed for him to receive the Tablets. On the way, he rushed for the appointment with Allah, arriving before the delegation.