Al-Quran Surah 20. Ta-ha, Ayah 24

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اذْهَبْ إِلَىٰ فِرْعَوْنَ إِنَّهُ طَغَىٰ

Asad : "[And now] go thou unto Pharaoh: for, verily, he has transgressed all bounds of equity."16
Malik : Now go to Fir'on (Pharaoh) for he has indeed transgressed all bounds."
Mustafa Khattab :

Go to Pharaoh, for he has truly transgressed ˹all bounds˺.”

Pickthall : Go thou unto Pharaoh! Lo! he hath transgressed (the bounds).
Yusuf Ali : "Go thou to Pharaoh for he had indeed transgressed all bounds." 2551
Transliteration : Ithhab ila firAAawna innahu tagha
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Asad 16 This seems to be a reference to Pharaoh’s greatest sin, namely, his claim to divine status (cf. 28:38 and 79:24).

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Yusuf Ali 2551 Moses, having been spiritually prepared now gets his definite commission to go to Pharaoh and point out the error of his ways. So inordinate was Pharaoh's vanity that he had it in his mind to say: "I am your Lord Most High!" (lxxix. 24).

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