Al-Quran Surah 18. Al-Kahf, Ayah 4

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وَيُنْذِرَ الَّذِينَ قَالُوا اتَّخَذَ اللَّهُ وَلَدًا

Asad : Furthermore, [this divine writ is meant] to warn all those who assert, "God has taken unto Himself a son."
Malik : Further to warn those who say "Allah has begotten a son."
Mustafa Khattab :

and to warn those who claim, “Allah has offspring.”1

Pickthall : And to warn those who say: Allah hath chosen a son,
Yusuf Ali : Further that He may warn those (also) who say "Allah hath begotten a son": 2329
Transliteration : Wayunthira allatheena qaloo ittakhatha Allahu waladan
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2329 The warning is not only needed for those who deny Allah or deny His Message, but also for those whose false ideas of Allah degrade religion in supposing that Allah begot a son, for Allah is One and is High above any ideas of physical reproduction.
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 i.e., Jesus in Christianity and the angels in Arab pagan tradition.