Al-Quran Surah 15. Al-Hijr, Ayah 10

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وَلَقَدْ أَرْسَلْنَا مِنْ قَبْلِكَ فِي شِيَعِ الْأَوَّلِينَ

Asad : AND, INDEED, [O Prophet,] even before thy time did We send [Our apostles] unto communities11 of old -
Malik : Certainly We sent Rasools before you among the early nations;
Mustafa Khattab :

Indeed, We sent messengers before you ˹O Prophet˺ among the groups of early peoples,

Pickthall : We verily sent (messengers) before thee among the factions of the men of old.
Yusuf Ali : We did send apostles before thee amongst the religious sects of old: 1945
Transliteration : Walaqad arsalna min qablika fee shiyaAAi alawwaleena
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Asad 11 The term shi'ah denotes a distinct group of people having in common the same persuasion or adhering to the same principles of behaviour, and is sometimes (though not here) used in the sense of "sect".

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 1945 Shiya'un, plural of Shi'atun = a sect, a religious division. Mankind sees fragments of Truth at a time, and is apt to fall into fragments and divisions. All true messengers of Allah come to reconcile these fragments or divisions, for they preach the true Gospel of Unity. So came Al-Mustafa to bring back to Unity the many jarring sects among the Jews, Christians, and Pagans. His mission was held up to ridicule, but so was the mission of his predecessors. Mockery itself should not discourage the preachers of Truth.

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