It is not proper for one to carry something that has Allah's name upon it while he is going to the bathroom

He should move and hide himself from others

One should mention the name of Allah and seek refuge in Him when entering the privy or removing his clothes to relieve himself

One should not talk

One should neither face nor turn his back on the qiblah while relieving himself

One should seek a soft and low piece of ground to protect himself from impurities

One should not use a hole in the ground

One should avoid shaded places and those places where people walk and gather

One should not urinate in bathing places or in still or running water

One may not urinate while standing

One must remove any impurities from his clothes and body

One should not clean himself with his right hand

One should remove any bad smell from his hands after cleaning himself

One should sprinkle his penis and underwear with water after urination

Entering the bathroom