'Are you married?'

'The punishment of those who wage war against Allah'

'The woman and the man guilty of fornication'

A roundabout way of saying something

Accuses a wife of adultery

Accusing the chaste women

An insane adulterer should not be stoned

Branding the eyes of those who fought against Allah and His Apostle

Exiling sinners and effeminate men

If a lady slave commits adultery

If a person confesses but does not specify

Killing the man seen with one's wife

Legal punishment in the absence of the ruler

Not giving water to renegades

Not to cauterize the amputated limbs

Only touching or winking

Punishment to learn good manners

She should not be admonished or exiled

Slandering the slaves

Stoning at the Balat

Stoning at the Musalla

Teaching manners to one's family

The absent ruler ordering punishment

The legal regulation for non-Muslims

The person leaving evil deeds

The sin of adultery

The stone is for the adulterer

The stoning of a married lady who became pregnant

The stoning to death of a married adulterer

The verdict on suspicion of adultery

To confess being guilty of adultery