'I give this slave girl to you

A group giving a gift to another group

A husband giving gifts to his wife

A woman giving gifts to someone other than husband

Accepting a gift

Accepting a gift of game

Accepting presents from pagans

Asking for water

Asking friends for a gift

Borrowing a horse

Borrowing something for a bride

Choosing the time to give a gift

Compensation for a gift

Dying before receiving or giving a gift

Giving a debt as a gift to the debtor

Giving a house as 'Umra

Giving a little as a gift

Giving clothes as a gift

Giving gifts to one's sons

Giving presents to pagans

Giving somebody a horse as a gift

Giving something not present, as a gift

How to take over slaves or property given as gifts

Maniha i.e. borrowed milch she-camel or sheep

One person giving a gift to a group

Receipt without acknowledging

Received and unreceived gifts

Receiving a gift while with others

Refusing a gift

Taking back presents

The superiority of giving gifts

The witness for the gifts

Which sort of presents should not be returned

Whom to give a gift first