Slaves, Manumission

'Slaves are your brothers

'To manumit a slave

A Mukatab asking others to help him to get liberation

A Mukatab asking somebody to buy him

A relative as war prisoner

A religious and faithful slave

Beating a slave

Conditions for emancipation

Freeing a slave for Allah

Freeing one's portion of a common slave

Freeing slaves at the time of eclipse

Giving 'Arab slaves as presents

Manumission and divorce through forgetfulness

Manumission of a pagan

Manumitting a slave owned by two persons

Saying: 'My slave'

Selling a Mudabbar

Selling a Mukatab on his agreement

Selling and donation of the Wala

Servant serving meals

Teaching a slave girl good manners

The best kind of manumission of slaves

The slave is a guardian of his master's property

Um Walad i.e. slave woman who begets a child for his master