'Say: Who has forbidden the adornment of Allah...'

A cloak with narrow sleeves

A woollen cloak



An iron ring

Angels do not enter a house with pictures inside

Applying scent to the head and beard

Artificial spaces between teeth


Being asked to put life into a picture

Borrowing a necklace

Clipping nails

Combing one's hair

Covering one side of the body only

Covering the head and face with a covering sheet

Curly hair

Cursing picture-makers

Cutting short the mustaches

Dragging one's garment out of conceit

Dragging one's garment without conceit

Dyeing the hair

Earrings for women

Engraving in three lines

Gold rings

Green clothes

Grey hair

Hair braids

Hair parting

Hooded cloaks

Invoking Allah for one wearing new clothes

Leaving the beard

Lengthening hair artificially

Men adopting the manners of women

Men are forbidden to use saffron

Menstruating wife combing the hair of her husband

Mounting a man behind another man on an animal

Mounting a woman behind a man


Necklaces and Sikhabs worn by women

Not entering a house with pictures inside

Not refusing scent

Not to walk with only one shoe


Picture-makers on the Day of Resurrection


Pictures on things to trod on

Praying in clothes with pictures

Prohibiting effeminate men from houses

Putting on shoes

Removing hair from the face

Riding behind the rider on a camel

Rings for women

Silk for women

Silk is allowed for men suffering from an itch

Silver rings

Sitting on a mat made of date palm leaves

Sitting on pictures

Start combing from the right side

Taking off the left shoe first

The Aksiya and the Khama' is

The black Khamisa

The Burud

The engraving on the ring of the Prophet

The fringed Izar

The garment dyed with saffron

The helmit

The Ihtiba

The kind of scent recommended

The obliteration of pictures

The owner of the camel behind the rider

The part of the garment hanging below the ankles

The pocket opening of a shirt

The Prophet was contented with any clothes

The Qaba'

The red garment

The red leather tent

The red Maithara

The Rida

The Sabtiyya

The sandal with two straps

The Sikhab for boys

The stone of the ring

The wearing of Qassy

The wearing of shirts

The woman who gets herself tattooed

The woman who practices tattooing

Three riders on one camel

Throwing away a gold ring

To engrave a ring

To tuck up or roll up one's clothes

Touching silk but not wearing it



Using a ring as a stamp for letters

Using false hair

Using silk for bedding

Wearing a ring on the little finger

Wearing a ring with the stone towards the palm

Wearing silk clothes

White clothes