Oaths and Vows

'Allah will not call you to account '

'Allah will not call you to account'

'And then they swear their strongest oath'

'By Allah! I will not speak today'

'By the Eternity of Allah'

'I bear witness swearing by Allah'

An oath not to drink infusion of dates

An oath not to eat cooked meat

An oath not to enter upon one's wife

Do not swear by your parents

Doing something against one's oath

Fulfilling one's vow

Giving an oath without being asked

Including one's animals and property in a vow

Making a vow to give property in charity

Making some food unlawful for oneself

One should not swear by Al-Lat and Al-'Uzza idols

Something which is not in one's power

Swearing by a religion other than Islam

Taking an oath before embracing Islam

The Covenant of Allah

The Ghamus oath

The intention in taking oaths

The oaths of the Prophet

The saying: 'By Allah!'

The sin of not fulfilling one's vow

To die without fulfilling a vow

To swear by Allah's Power and Honor

To vow in Allah's obedience

Verily, Those who purchase a small gain at the cost of Allah's covenant

Vowing for something sinful

Vowing to fast