'We have not prayed'

'Whenever you pronounce Adhan for prayer ..'

A patient attending congregational prayers

A slave or manumitted slave may lead the prayer

A Sutra or wall between the Imam and his followers

Adhan after dawn

Adhan and Iqama if travelers are many

Adhan before dawn

Adhan pronounced by a blind man

Can Imam offer prayers with only few present

Changing Imams just before prayer

Complaining against Imam for prolonging prayer

Congregational prayer is obligatory

Doing domestic work after Iqama is pronounced

Drawing lots for pronouncing the Adhan

Every step towards good deeds is rewarded

Following the person who follows the Imam

Getting up for prayer during Iqama

Getting up with calmness and solemnity

If meal is ready after the Iqama is pronounced

If people are equally proficient in the recitation of the Qur'an, who should lead prayer?

If the Imam does not offer prayers perfectly

Imam drawing person from left side to right side

Imam eating when called for prayer

Imam facing followers during straightening rows

Imam leading prayer on a visit

Imam prolonging the prayer

Imam relying on what people say

Imam saying: 'Remain in your places ..'

Imam weeping during prayers

Invocation at the time of Adhan

Leading the prayer while Imam comes

Leaving the mosque with genuine excuse

Mu'adhdhin turning his face during Adhan

One woman can form a row

Only compulsory prayer after Iqama

Optional prayers between Adhan and Iqama

Praying and then leading people in prayer

Praying at home

Praying behind a man who is victim of affliction

Praying with intention of teaching the prayer

Prolonging the prayer when praying alone

Raising the voice in pronouncing Adhan

Religious learned men having precedence in leading the prayer

Repeating Takbirof Imam

Repeating the wording of Adhan twice

Repeating the wording of Iqama once

Reward for waiting for the prayer

Running for the prayer

Saying there should be one Mu'adhdhin

Shortening prayer on hearing child cries

Shortening the Qiyam standing in prayer.

Sin of being out of alignment for prayers

Sin of raising head before Imam does

Standing by the side of the Imam

Standing on the left side of Imam

Standing on the right side of Imam

Standing shoulder to shoulder

Straightening of rows is obligatory

Straightening the rows

Superiority of 'Isha' prayer in congregation

Superiority of Adhan

Superiority of congregational prayer

Superiority of Fajr prayer in congregation

Superiority of going to mosque for congregation

Superiority of offering the Zuhr prayer early

Talking after the Iqama

Talking during the Adhan

The first row

The Imam confronted with a problem after Iqama

The Imam is appointed to be followed

The interval between the Adhan and the Iqama

The night prayer

The right side of the mosque

The statement: 'We have missed the prayer'

To suspend fighting on hearing Adhan

Two or more persons are a group

Waiting for the Imam of the prayer

What to say on hearing Adhan

When should the followers prostrate?