'Behold! The Curse of Allah is on the oppressors'

'Yet he is the most quarrelsome'

A Muslim should not oppress another Muslim

Behaving impudently when quarreling

Breaking pot containing wine

Breaking something which belongs to another

Breaking the cross and killing pigs

Digging wells on the way

Fighting to protect one's property

Help your brother

Helping the oppressed

If someone has wronged another

Leaving seven cubits for people to pass

Living on higher places of a house

Open courtyards of houses

Oppression will be a darkness

Person allowing another to have something of his share without clarifying the quantity

Preventing a neighbor from fixing a peg

Pulling down a wall and rebuilding it

Quarreling unjustly

Removing a branch or other things from the road

Retaliation of the wronged person

Retaliation on the Day of Judgment

Saving one self from the curse of an oppressed person


Somebody allowing another to do something

Spilling wine on the way

Taking somebody's property without permission is Robbing

The wronged person forgiving the oppressor

Tying camels at the pavement

Urinating standing at the dumps

Usurping the land of others