Friday Prayer

Adhan for the Jumua Prayer

An hour opportune time on Friday

Cleaning the teeth with Siwak on Friday

Delivering the Khutba on the pulpit

Delivering the Khutba while standing

For whom is Jumua Prayer compulsory?

If it becomes very hot on Friday

Imam repeating the statements of the Adhan

Is bathing necessary for those who do not attend Friday Prayer?

Istisqa invoking Allah for rain in Khutba

Keep quiet and listen to Khutba

Listening to the Khutba

Not attending Jumua Prayer because of rain

Not separating two persons sitting together

Offering Jumua Prayer in villages and towns

One Mu'adh-dhin on Friday

People facing Imam during Khutba

Perfuming oneself before going for Friday Prayer

Praying before and after Jumua Prayer

Praying two light Rakat on entering during Khutba

Praying two Rakat on entering during Khutba

Pronouncing Adhan before Khutba

Quranic recitation in Fajr prayer on Friday

Raising hands during the Khutba

Saying 'Amma Ba'du' in Khutba before glorifying and praising Allah

Sitting in between the two Khutba

Sitting on someone else's place

Sitting on the pulpit during Adhan

Some people leaving congregation during Jumua

Taking a bath on Friday

Taking afternoon nap after the Jumua Prayer

The prescription of Friday Prayer

The superiority of the Jumua Prayer

Then when the Jumua prayer is finished, you may disperse'

Time for the Jumua Prayer

Using a Siwak belonging to someone else

Using hair oil before going for Friday Prayer

Walking unhurriedly to Jumua Prayer

Wearing the best available clothes