Finance, Loans, Bankruptcy

A slave is a guardian

Bringing the debtor from one place to another

Buying camels on credit

Buying on credit without having the price

Canceling deals done by a weak-minded person

Demanding debts handsomely

Demanding one's debts

Depositing something as a trust

Fastening and imprisoning in the Haram

Filing a case for fulfilling the will of the deceased

Funeral prayer for dead person in debt

Giving an older camel than what he owes

Intention of use of money borrowed

Intercession for the reduction of debts

Procrastination in repaying debts

Repaying dates for dates or something else

Repaying debts handsomely

Repaying less than what he owes

Repayment of debts

Seeking refuge in Allah from being in debt

Selling the property of a bankrupt or poor man

The creditor's pursuit after his debtor

The owner of the right has the permission to demand his right

The talk of opponents against each other

Turning out the sinners

Tying a person liable to do mischief

Wasting money