'Ajwa dates as medicine for magic

A cure is in three things

A woman treating a man with Ruqya

Ar-Ruqya and Mu'auwidhit

At-Talbina for the patient

Blowing saliva while treating with Ruqya

Cauterization Branding

Cupping as a treatment for disease

Cupping as a treatment for headache

Cupping on the head

Cupping while on a journey or in state of lhram


Disease of the abdomen

Drawing an evil omen from birds

Fever is from the heat of Hell

Good omen

Inserting medicine in the side of one's mouth

Leaving a country because of its water and climate



Men treating women, women treating men

No contagious disease is conveyed without Allah's permission

No Hama

Not treating with Ruqya

Passing the hand over the place of ailment



Ruqya by reciting Surat-al-Fatiha

Ruqya for an evil eye

Shaving one's head because of an ailment

Sniffing the Indian or sea Qust

Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic



Taking poison and treating with it

The conditions required for Ruqya

The creation of disease and treatment

The effect of the evil eye is a fact

The housefly

The Manna heals eye disease

The milk of she-asses

The person suffering from plague patiently

The poison given to the Prophet

The Ruqya of the Prophet

The time to be cupped

Throat and Tonsil disease

To be treated in one wife's house

To stop bleeding

Treating a bewitched person

Treating disease of the eyes

Treating snake bite and scorpion sting with Ruqya

Treating with black cumin Nigella seed

Treating with the milk of camels

Treating with the urine of camels

Treatment with honey


Worshipping others besides Allah