Good Manners

'A slanderer going about'

'Al-Karm is the heart of the Believer'

'Allah commands justice'

'and be stern and very harsh to them'

'and do not make things difficult for them'

'Avoid false statements'

'avoid most of the cases of suspicion'

'be always with the truthful'

'I will not eat till you eat'


'Khabuthat Nafsi '

'Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you'

'let not some men among you mock at others'

'Marhaban Welcome.!'

'May Allah sacrifice me for you'

'Name yourselves by my name'

'No one can be wise without experience'

'Nor speak ill of each other behind their backs'

'The best family among the Ansar'

'They assumed or claimed that'

'Whoever intercedes for a good cause'

'Woe to you!'

A believer should not harm his neighbor

A double-faced person

Abusing Time


Allah divided Mercy into one hundred parts

Allah's kindness to the one who is kind to his Kith

Be cautious from being angry

Be kind to a pagan brother

Be kind to a pagan father

Becoming a Muslim after being a kind pagan

Being cheerful

Being gentle and polite

Being kind and lenient in all matters

Being kind to one's neighbor

Being kind to those who severed the bond of kinship

Being merciful to one's children

Being merciful towards people and animals

Being undutiful to one's parents

Calling bad names and cursing

Calling descriptive names

Calling one's brother a Kafir unbeliever

Calling people by their fathers' name

Calling someone Abu Turab

Changing a name

Co-operation between believers

Concealing what sins one may commit

Creating hostility between people

Curses of the Prophet

Cutting relations with another Muslim

Degrading something given by a neighbouress

Dipping a stick in water and mud

Doing what one likes

Entertaining one's guest

Establishing a bond of brotherhood

Every good deed is considered as a Sadaqa

Giving a Kuniya

Good character and generosity

Having been made wealthy because of kindness to Kith


How should a man be with his family?

Indirect speech to avoid a lie

Indulging too much in poetry

Informing one's friend of what has been said

Jealousy and mutual estrangement

Keeping one's covenant is a part of Faith

Killing one's own children

Kindness and Good Relations

Lampooning the pagans

Love is from Allah

Naming children by the names of prophets

Not considering as Kafir a person who said it

Not to abuse one's Parents

Not to admonish people in their faces

Omitting a letter from somebody's name

Playing with small girls

Pleasant friendly speech


Praising a person

Praising with what one knows

Pride and arrogance

Putting a child on the thigh

Putting one's hand over one's mouth when yawning

Respect the old ones

Saying 'Alhamdulillah ' on sneezing

Saying 'Yar-hamuka-l-lah' to the sneezer

Saying Takbir at the time of wonder

Saying Tashmit only to the one who said Alhamdu

Scraping ground with something

Severing the bond of kinship

Showing anger and impatience before a guest

Smiling and laughing

Sneezing and yawning

Speaking the truth

Sprucing oneself up for delegates

Taking a child in one's lap

Taking care of a poor person

Taking care of a widow

Taking care of relationship between kinsmen

The description of something as 'nothing'

The desertion of a sinful person

The Invocation of a Dutiful Child is Accepted

The kindness of a married lady to her mother

The Kuniya of a pagan

The most beloved names to Allah

The name most disliked by Allah

The one entitled to the best companionship

The one whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil

The Permission of one's Parents

The Prophet's conversation

The right of the guest

The righteous way or guidance

The signs of loving others for the Sake of Allah

The superiority of being good to one's relatives

The superiority of the guardian of an orphan

The superiority of the nearest neighbor

Throwing stones

To be patient when one is harmed by others

To honor and serve one's guest

To love for Allah's Sake only

To raise the sight towards the sky

Visiting and eating in a friend's house

Visiting friends

What sort of suspicion is allowed

What to say when somebody sneezes

Wicked and suspicious people