Conditions disliked in sharecropping

Cultivating land in Paradise

Cultivating neglected uncultivated land

Cutting trees and date-palms

Dividing the yield into two halves

Employing oxen for ploughing

Indulging in the work of cultivation

Investing someone else's money in cultivation

It is more beneficial to give land free

Keeping a watchdog for the farm

Not to rent the land at the yield of specific delimited portion of it

Planting trees

Renting the land for gold and silver

Saying to another person, 'Look after my date-palms

Saying: 'I let you utilize the land

Sharecropping with the Jews

Sharing the yield and fruits

Sowing seeds and planting trees

The contract of sharecropping

The valley of 'Aqiq

The Waqfs i.e. endowments of the Companions