Hadith Affecting The Emotions

'And the matter of The Hour is but'

'Be in this world as if you were a stranger'

'Do they not think that they will be called'

'If you knew what I know you would laugh little'

'It would not please me to have gold'

'no faith is of any use to a soul then'

'O men! Certainly the Promise of Allah is true'

'Paradise is nearer to you than your shoelace'

'The convulsion of The Hour will be a terrible thing'

'True riches is self-contentment

'Wealth is like sweet green fruit'

'Whoever depends upon Allah'

Adopting a middle course

Allah loves to meet him who loves to meet Allah

Allah will hold the whole earth

Anybody who will be argued with about his account

As-Sirat, the bridge across Hell

Asking Allah for new lease of life at sixty

Compelling one's soul to obey Allah

Competing against each other

Deeds for the sake of Allah

Fear of Allah

Giving up sinful deeds

Health and leisure

Hope for Allah's forgiveness

Hoping for long life and worldly pleasures


Intention to do something good or bad

Looking at an inferior person

Minor sins to be warded off

Protecting one's tongue from evil-talk

Refrain from illegal deeds

Results of deeds depend upon actions

Retaliation on the Day of Resurrection

Seclusion is better for a faithful believer

Seventy thousand persons will enter Paradise

Spending money on good deeds

The blowing of the Horn

The description of Paradise and the Fire

The disappearance of honesty

The gathering on the Day of Resurrection

The Hell-Fire is surrounded by desires and passions

The lowliness of oneself

The Prophets fount, Al-Kauthar

The rich are in fact the poor in reward

The righteous people will die

The stupors of Death

The superiority of being poor

The way of living of the Prophet and his Companions

This world in contrast with the Hereafter

Warding off the afflictions of wealth

Weeping out of fear of Allah

Worshipping Allah for showing off