Tradition of Prophet and Quran

'..or to cover you with confusion...'

'..who conduct their affair by mutual consultation.'

'A group of my followers will remain victorious...'

'All legal decisions given by the Prophet ...'

'And thus have We made you a just and the best nation.'

'But man is quarrelsome more than anything else.'

'Do not ask the people of the Scripture.'

'I have been sent with Jawami-al-Kalim.'

'Not for you (O Muhammad) is the decision'

'You will follow the ways of those...

A governor's verdict based on his own opinion

A judge's verdict according to the best of his knowledge

Adopting the tradition of the Prophet

Asking too many questions

Comparing an ambiguous situation with a clear one

Exaggerating and arguing about knowledge

Exerting oneself to find out proper legal verdict

Helping a person who introduces heresy

Inviting others to evil deeds

It is disliked to differ

Judgment based on one's own opinion

Laws inferred from certain evidence

Religious learned men should not differ

Saying: 'I do not know.'

The silence of the Prophet

The way the Prophet taught his followers

To follow the actions of the Prophet

What the Prophet forbade is legally prohibited