'He who slaps his cheeks is not from us'

'He who tears his clothes is not from us'

'Indeed, we are grieved by your separation'

'The deceased is punished because of the weeping of some of his relatives'

Abusing the dead

Accompanying funeral procession and sitting

Aligning behind the Imam for funeral prayers

Bathing of the martyrs

Bathing the dead and the ablution

Boys in rows with men for funeral prayer

Boys offering funeral prayers

Building of mosques on graves

Burial at night

Burying two or three men in one grave

Committing suicide

Conveying news about the funeral procession

Dead children of Muslims

Dead children of pagans polytheists

Deceased hears the footsteps of the living

Desiring to be buried in Sacred Land e.g. Medina

Dying on Monday

Entwining hair of female in three braids

Establishing mosques over graves

Four Takbirs in funeral prayer

Funeral prayer for a boy who became Muslim

Funeral prayer for woman who died in childbirth

Funeral prayers for hypocrites

Getting down into the grave of a woman

Hair falling at the back

Hurrying with the coffin

If a pagan says: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah' at the time of his death

If sufficient cloth for shroud is not available

If there is nothing except one piece of cloth

Informing relatives of death

Last words: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah

Looking sad when afflicted with a calamity

Men, not women, are to carry the coffin

Not using turban in shrouding

Offering funeral prayer at Musalla or in Mosque

Offering funeral prayer on the grave after burial

Order of following funeral processions

Patience on first stroke of calamity

Perfuming the dead body

Placing a leaf of a date-palm over the grave

Position of Imam when offering funeral prayer

Praising the deceased

Preacher delivering lecture at grave

Preparing shroud before one's death

Prohibition of wailing

Punishment in the grave

Punishment in the grave because of backbiting and soiling one's clothes with urine

Putting Idhkhar and grass in the grave

Recitation of Surat-ul-Fatiha in funeral prayer

Saying 'Be patient' at the grave

Saying by the dead: 'Take me quickly'

Scolding those who cry aloud

Showing no signs of sorrow on calamity

Shrouding a dead body

Shrouding a Muhrim

Shrouding a woman in waist-sheet of a man

Shrouding in a shirt stitched or unstitched

Shrouding in two pieces of cloth

Shrouding with the price of all his property

Shrouding without using a shirt

Sitting after standing for funeral procession

Sorrow of the Prophet or Sad bin Khaula

Sprinkling camphor on dead body

Standing for funeral procession of a Jew

Standing for the funeral procession

Starting from the right side when bathing dead

Starting with ablution parts

Sudden unexpected death

Superiority of following the funeral procession

Taking out the dead body from the grave

Talking about the wicked among the dead

The deceased is shown his actual place in Hell or in Paradise

The funeral prayer of a martyr

The graves of the Prophet Abu Bakr, Umar

The Lahd and straight cut in the grave

The rows for funeral prayer

The speech of the deceased after it is lifted on the bier

The superiority of parents of deceased

The tradition of the funeral prayer

To seek refuge with Allah from the punishment in the grave

Undoing the hair of dead female

Visiting deceased after his shrouding

Visiting graves



Waiting till deceased is buried

Washing an odd number of times

Weeping near a patient

White cloth for the shroud

Who should be put in the Lahd first

Women accompanying funeral procession

Women mourning for dead other than her husband