Military Expeditions

'.but Allah was their Protecting Friend

'.the three person who were left behind

'Remember, you implored the help of your Lord,

'Those of you who turned back

'Those who responded to the call of Allah

'Thud is a mountain that loves us

'When the enemy comes near to you, shoot at them'

'When you were ascending up

And on the day of Hunain

Entering Mecca from the upper part

Fixing the flag on the day of the Conquest of Mecca

Ghazwa Dhu-ul-Khalasa

Ghazwa of Al-Fath

Ghazwa- Dhat-Qarad


Praises for Allah from the Prophet

Sariya of the Ansar

Sending 'Ali and Khalid to Yemen

Sending Abu Musa and Mu'adh to Yemen

Sending Khalid bin Al-Walid to Banu Jadhima

The 'Umra in lieu of an abandoned one

The appointment of a ruler for Khaibar

The armor of the Prophet on his death

The army which the Prophet sent to Najd

The arrival of Al-Ash'ariyun

The battle of Al-Fath fought during Ramadan

The burial of the Prophet

The companions of the Prophet during the Conquest

The death of Abu Jahl

The death of Abu Zaid

The death of the Prophet

The delegation of 'Abdul Qais

The delegation of Banu Hanifa

The delegation of Banu Tamim

The delegation of Tai'

The departure of Jarir to Yemen

The dismounting of the Prophet at Al-Hijr

The dispatch of Usama bin Zaid during the illness

The dispatch of Usama bin Zaid to Al-Huruqat

The encamping place of the Prophet

The Ghazwa of Al-'Ashira

The Ghazwa of Al-Khandaq i.e. the Trench

The Ghazwa of Anmar

The Ghazwa of Ar-Raji, Ri'l, Dhakwan and Bir Ma'una

The Ghazwa of At-Ta'if

The Ghazwa of Badr

The Ghazwa of Banu Al-Mustaliq

The Ghazwa of Dhat ul Salasil

The Ghazwa of Dhat-ur-Riqa'

The Ghazwa of Khaibar

The Ghazwa of Muta in the land of Sham

The Ghazwa of Tabuk

The Ghazwa of the sea coast

The Ghazwa of Uhud

The Ghazwa of Zaid bin Haritha

The Ghazwa- of Al-Hudaibiya

The Ghazwa-of Autas

The Hajj in which Abu Bakr led the people in 9 A.H.

The illness of the Prophet

The killing of Abu Rafi'

The Killing of Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf

The letter of the Prophet to Khosrau and Caesar

The martyrdom of Hamza bin 'Abdul Muttalib

The Muslims who were killed on the day of Uhud

The number of Ghazawat the Prophet fought

The number of the warriors of Badr

The participation of angels in the Badr battle

The poisoned sheep

The Prophet dealing with the people of Khaibar

The Prophet's last statement

The Prophet's prediction of the Badr martyrs

The return of the Prophet from battle of the Clans

The reward of the Badr warriors

The stay of the Prophet in Mecca

The story of 'Ukl and 'Uraina tribes

The story of 'Uman and Al-Bahrain

The story of Al-Aswad Al-Ansi

The story of Banu An-Nadir

The story of Daus and Tufail

The story of the forged statement against 'Aisha

The story of the people of Najran

The superiority of those who fought the Badr battle

The wounds inflicted on the Prophet

Um Salit