'And invoke Allah for them'

'Ask forgiveness from your Lord'

'O Allah, forgive my past and future sins'

'O Allah, if I should hurt somebody'

'O Allah, let me join the highest companions'

'Our invocations against the Jews

'Our Lord! Give us good in this world'

'There is neither might nor power except'

Allah has ninety-nine Names

Appealing to Allah with determination

As-Salat upon the Prophet

Asking Allah to send Salat on somebody

Celebrating the Praises of Allah

Do not become impatient with invocations

Dusting the bed before sleeping

Invocation after the prayer

Invocation against pagans

Invocation during a particular time

Invocation during the prayer

Invocation for blessings upon children

Invocation for correct guidance on a matter Istikhara

Invocation for death or life

Invocation for increase of offspring and blessings

Invocation for increase of wealth and offspring

Invocation in favor of a bridegroom

Invocation in favor of pagans

Invocation in the middle of the night

Invocation on behalf of the servant

Invocation on having sexual intercourse

Invocation on returning from a journey

Invocation while ascending a high place

Invocation while performing ablution

Invocations to take away epidemics and disease

Invoking at the time of distress

Invoking while facing the Qibla

Invoking while not facing the Qibla

Lying on one's right side

On getting up in the morning

On going to the lavatory

Preaching at intervals

Putting the right hand under the right cheek

Repeating the invocation

Rhymed prose in invocations

Saying 'Amin'

Saying 'La ilaha illal-lah'

Saying Takbir and Tasbih on going to bed

Seeking refuge from afflictions

Seeking refuge from afflictions of life and death

Seeking refuge from all kinds of sins and debt

Seeking refuge from being a miser

Seeking refuge from being overpowered

Seeking refuge from cowardice and laziness

Seeking refuge from difficult moments

Seeking refuge from geriatric old age

Seeking refuge from miserliness

Seeking refuge from the afflictions of poverty

Seeking refuge from the afflictions of the Hell-fire

Seeking refuge from the afflictions of the world

Seeking refuge from the afflictions of wealth

Seeking refuge from the punishment of the grave

Sleeping on the right side

Sleeping with ablution

Taking refuge with Allah

The invocation of the Prophet

The superiority of Tasbih

Turning to Allah in repentance

Waking up at night

what to say on going to bed