Animal Slaughtering and Hunting

'Lawful to you is the pursuit of sea-game

'So slaughter in the Name of Allah'

A pet dog


Al-Muthla, Al-Masbura and Mujaththama

Animals slaughtered by a lady

Animals slaughtered by bedouins

Animals slaughtered by the people of the Scripture

Branding the faces

Catching the game days after hitting it

Domestic animals that run away

Donkey flesh

Eating dead flesh

Finding another hound with the game

Horse flesh


Hunting on mountains

Hunting with a bow

If a hound eats of the game

If a mouse falls into butter

Instruments causing blood to gush out

Mentioning Allah's Name on slaughtering

Mentioning Allah's Name while hunting


Not to slaughter with a tooth, bone or nail

Shooting a runaway animal

Slaughtering in the name of idols

The eating of locusts

The game killed by the Mi'rad

The game killed with the shaft of the Mi'rad

The mastigure

The meat of beasts having fangs

The meat of chickens

The Nahr and the Dhabh

The rabbit

The skin of animals

War booty